Monday, October 27, 2008

For Bob

This is the jungleland wagon you posted on your blog. this is what was under all the paint when CWM striped it down to do the last restoration on it.
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Bob Cline said...

Hey Tim,
The skyboards in your pictures have carvings and look fairly good. Had CWM already restored these in your photos? You'll notice there are no carvings in the ones I have from 1959.

Tim said...

yes Bob they were added in earlyer restorations.

Randy said...

which wagon was the most pain -in -the Rear to restore,while you were there?

Tim said...

They all had their parts that created some what of a pain, I can't think of one in particular that was any worse than the other. Truthfully it was that, that was what made it so much fun to work on them.

Randy said...

Fun, I am not sure that is a word that can be used...we also cant say play,played,or cwm.
but I do think your sure was fun working on them.....

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