Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I want to thank Steve and Dawn Flint for all the time they donated on painting on this wagon and many others.
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Bob Cline said...

Many Thanks for another truly fantastic set of Photos. We have no idea what went on and how without these great sets.

Randy said...

O.K. so if you ask ,do you receive?

do you have photos from when you DAD was around all those years?

shop stuff?
Bob is right, GREAT PHOTOS...

Bob Cline said...

My computer crashed a couple weeks ago and I lost your email. Can you email me?

Anonymous said...

Dawnne and Steve Flint would like to say Thank You, Tim, for the opportunity you gave us AND all the fun we had helping to preserve history! It was a GREAT 20 years and we met so many great people to work with!! Marv, Leonard, You, the whole Peterson clan- the list is endless. We really shared some great times.

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